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Ozone Solutions for Odour Removal and Sterilisation Services


Indoor Environmental Shock Treatment Service.
An effective, natural elimination process, denaturing of odours, chemicals, gases, mould and mildew, bacteria and viruses.

Local to New Plymouth.

For a free consultation please phone 067 530 116 or email: info@ozonesolutions.co.nz

Kill Bacteria, Mould and Odours Safely and Effectively with High Ozone Shock Treatments

Ozone is the strongest available sterilizer known to man, yet it is safe because it is made up completely of simple Oxygen, and completely reverts back to Oxygen in a relatively short time.

Using high concentrations of Oxygen and electrical impulse technology, to transform large volumes of 02 to be converted to 03 ozone. This intern enables a High Ozone Shock Treatments system to be utilised which can very effectively remove stubborn odours like smoke, animal and cooking odours. It removes and controls mould on all surfaces.

Ozone Solutions Ltd had the job of removing black, toxic mould from an ice cream factory in Hamilton. "We did the shock treatment for three days and the mould disappeared and hasn't come back."

Because a high toxic level of ozone is needed to kill the germs, mould and viruses present in the room, so rooms must be completely evacuated by people, animals and plants.

The only way to truly sterilise an area of mould, bacteria or serious odours is with these very high levels of ozone.

"You cannot totally "sterilise" mould with lower air purification levels of ozone."

Sterilizing areas of mould and bacteria can only be accomplished with levels of ozone far above that which we could normally stand to breathe.

This can be proven by ozone / bacterial / mould killing studies where several prominent universities and labs have proven this fact beyond a reasonable doubt.

"Covering up a mould smell with an ionizer or low level ozone generator is not the same as actually killing a great deal of the mould present in a room."

"We believe that low output ionizers and ozone generators are actually worse to use because they give the user a false sense of security because some of the mould odour has been covered up. However since only the mould odour has been temporarily covered up, and the majority of the toxic mould is still alive, we believe this is a more dangerous situation."

The idea is to kill as much mould and bacteria as possible with High Ozone Shock Treatments before using ozone at safe low air purification levels.

High Ozone Treatments are safe as they are only performed when rooms have been evacuated of any living beings.

This treatment is very toxic at high levels and yet has the ability to revert completely back to a completely non toxic state very quickly. Because of these amazing qualities ozone may be the safest, yet most powerful bactericides available.


Pre treatment
  • Wear protective clothing, including gloves and a breathing mask when removing mould.
  • Once moisture is removed, all visible mould and mildew should be cleaned away.
  • Surfaces that can be cleaned with a mild bleach solution should be washed.
  • Remove as much of the moisture and humidity as possible in the walls, floors etc.
  • A high ozone shock treatment procedure can then be performed.

All external windows are closed and all internal doors are opened to connect the rooms to be treated. Fans are installed to establish the air movement required for the proper distribution of the ozone. The unit is placed outside the treated room or building and ozone is fed in through Teflon piping.

During treatment, doors will be secured to prevent entry and “DO NOT ENTER” signs will be clearly visible.

Ozone is continuously introduced for up to 24 hours or longer, depending on the severity of the contamination and room size. This time span is required for the ozone to penetrate deep into the concrete, wood, ceilings and other affected areas.

For a standard size 3 bedroom house with mild mold present or odour contamination, the treatment time will be approximately 4 to 6 hours.

The treated area will remain sealed for a further 12 to 24 hours in order to allow the ozone to be absorbed.
Unused ozone will slowly convert back from its tri-atomic form to its diatomic form (oxygen) at the rate of 50% about every 17 hours.

Once this first cycle is completed, all the windows and doors will be opened for quick ventilation, (an ozone compatible mask must be worn). If the ozone has been all used up and the odour is still present then a repeat treatment will be required. When there is a surplus of ozone in the air, it will kill all bacteria, fungi and even viruses.
In severe cases it is possible the mould may be persistent and require a further shock treatment.

On completion of this process the area will then smell fresher and the mould will have been eliminated.

Ozone treatments can be applied to:
  • Isolated items containing foul odours or bio-contamination, for example, beds, linen or shoes
  • Vehicles - car, motor home, transportation containers etc.
  • Homes, Motels, Caravans
  • Office space, storage rooms, food preparation facilities



I purchased a 3 bedroom house at a reduced rate due to the restoration that needed to take place. The house had not been tenanted for some time but it was very apparent that it had been used as a P/Meth Lab due to the pungent chemical odour throughout.
The affects of being in the house for as less as 5 minutes was a sour taste in the mouth, burning in the nose and a lingering headache for a few hours after.

Somala at Ozone Solutions said it was an unknown time factor but she was confident the issue could be resolved. I was required to have the carpets and drapes removed before the treatment started. It took a total of 35 hours of ozone being applied over a 3week period.

To be honest, when I went back and walked around inside – I was really surprised! It just smelt fresh and revived. Without this service I would have had to have spent a great deal of time and money making it into a safe and habitable environment. It was sold a few weeks later with no question of an odour.

Matt Dryland

I have found Ozone Solutions to be an answered prayer to removing the burnt smell from our house. I had gone to bed late, very tired, leaving a pot of soup simmering on the stove. I woke at about 4-5am and could smell smoke!

We were left with a horrible, strong, burnt metal smell which had permeated the whole house, walls, curtains and clothes. I hung curtains on the line after washing them, in the rain for days, they still smelt. We tried all the cleaners but the smell still hit us when we walked in the door. The house insurance assessor gave us Somala's name and said that she could perform miracles with her ozone treatment. Somala was very kind, confident and reassuring. She said as the smell was very strong it may need further treatments. We had to shift out for the few days while the ozone was working. On returning the smell was markedly less - almost all gone. We gave it a few days as Somala suggested and then had another treatment just for the upstairs area. After that it was gone and we could not smell it any more.

We are just rapt with the effectiveness of this ozone treatment. The fact that it is completely safe and non-toxic is such a relief, as I don't want our children affected by strong cleaning chemicals. We highly recommend Somala and her ozone treatment to anyone wanting to get rid of odours in their house.

Peter & Judy Keane

I recently bought a house with a persistent and unpleasant dog and dirt smell in the carpets even after they were professionally cleaned. I called Somala at Ozone Solutions and she explained what she would do to eliminate the smell. I had to admit to being a little sceptical at first, but with tenants wanting to move into the house in a few days time it was either give it a go or rip up a house lot of carpet.

The first treatment was unsuccessful much to my disappointment but Somala was not deterred and urged me to try again which we did. A further two treatments were required until-Success!! No more stink. I was impressed with the faith Somala showed in her service and with her professionalism. I can recommend this service as an effective method of ridding unpleasant smells. Go the Ozone!!

Jim Fowler

We had two rooms ozonated by Ozone Solutions Ltd for black mould that had impregnated the wooden scocias. Prior to this, various other products had been used with the side effect of stripping the paint and on repainting the mould returned. Since the Ozone Shock Treatment in August 03, 8 months later there is still no sign of re-infection. I recommend this treatment as a cost effective, natural method of mould and odour removal.

Robert van der Giessen,
Mooloo Products Ltd

We recently had Ozone Solutions treat our house after a chemical fire…the result was amazing. We had been unable to stay in the house due to burning throats and the smell, but after Somala’s visit our family could breathe again.

Prue Kimber,

I recently purchased a 4yr old home. After taking possession and moving in I found that the previous owners had been heavy smokers. After trying numerous remedies, without success to eliminate the bad odour, a friend advised me to contact Ozone Solutions. Somala came promptly when I called and gave me a quote after explaining the procedure to remedy the problem. The job was done within days at an agreed time with total success. I found Somala to be honest and trustworthy so I would recommend Ozone Solutions and Somala to anyone with similar (smelly) problems.

Redge Cowley

"I have had my own car treated by Ozone Solutions, and found it to be highly effective and economical… I have recommended this treatment to my customers and the response has always been favourable. Somala has proved a pleasure to deal with and I am happy to recommend this service"

Paul Callister,
Branch Manager – Turners Auctions