• Consultants specialising in personal ozone modalities
  • Manufacturers of TAO Gels & Oils
  • Service provider for odour removal and sterilisation in domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

Equipment Parts & Sales

Ozone Solutions Ltd is specialised in high quality equipment for personal ozone modalities. Our ozone generators are for ultra pure applications and have been carefully researched and handpicked for safety and accurate delivery. Not all ozone generators are the same!

We offer ongoing support and share our knowledge with all our clients.

POA Enquiries are welcome to determine price, packages are designed specifically to suit your needs.

Ozone breaks down rubber and plastics hence we use
  • Teflon connectors, lure locks and adapters
  • Silicon tubing
  • Pressure valves
  • Moisture trap
  • Humidifier
  • Oil bubbler

Glass bottles 1 & 2 litres available.

Not all items are not listed here, so please enquire.

Equipment Parts  &  Sales Equipment Parts  &  Sales Equipment Parts  &  Sales